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Clinic T-girl Party showboat-zaandam

Clinic T-girl Party showboat-zaandam

Clinic Party — Showboat

Wegens Corona uitgesteld of afgelast. Meer info volgt.

Clinic SM Fetish Party

Club The Showboat

Lagedijk 328, Zaandijk


The Clinic Party & T-Girl Party is held in the well known Club Showboat.
As usual we offer you a great kinky night with lots of Fetish entertainment.


The Clinic Party, famous for being one of the best Underground, Kinky and Fetish Parties since 1999, is held 4 times a year. It's a party for all people with a pervy kinky mind. Dance, flirt, have fun while we provoke you with sexy, Fetish, Kinky & Pervy entertainment. International fetish performers, will be there to thrill your kinky fantasies. Let’s all have a good party, let’s all be playful, let’s have a good time, alone or with your partner. Bring your toys and check out the dungeons. Let your fantasy rule and enter the erotic theatre of your own mind!