Dj Name:         Knakker

Mail:                Knakker@outlook

Phone:             06 440 597 50

Website:          Your On It!

Facebook:        Harry R

Instagram:       Dj Knakker

Mixcloud:         nope

Lost in Music !

2023 - 4x Indecent Disco Party @Club Showboat, Zaandijk, Amsterdam.  all info


I have a major preference for Nu Disco, Funky House & Jacking House, but I also like to make other kind of mixes. I did a lot of mixes for the radio streams the last two years. If you want to hear them  click here, press play, and wait till I come by. If you don't want to wait than select a flyer here below to start the stream. ... I know, I have to add more ;-)



I started DJing during the covid lockdowns in the fetishwear shop that I own ( Long before that, I was producing music with OctaMED on a Amiga PC. Big fun, but there was no money in it. So I starded a business and forgot about the music ...  and than 33 years later Covid came and we had to do something to kill the lockdown time. So I developed this website to give my dj friends a platform to expose themselves. The radio booth is located in my fetish & sexshop INDECENT in Beverwijk. After a while I started dj-ing myself ... and really big fun it is! 


News & Updates:  dj.knakker@instagram