About the music and players
Press the play button at the top of this page to start the non-stop radio stream. You can use the player's interface menu to go full-screen or to cast the stream to your TV. Choose "always on top" to browse your phone or tablet without stopping the stream.  If you don't need to watch the stream we advise you to use the "audio only" switch. This will save you a lot of data trafic and also allows you to browse your phone or tablet while listening to the radio. 
This radio broadcast is not live. We broadcast previous recordings in random order. If you don't like what you hear now ... please go to our "on-demand" section to start a stream of your personal choice by using the "music style" and "dj name" filters. Use the player interface to go full-screen or to cast the stream to your tv. The on-demand player also allows you to pauze or browse the stream forwards and backwards. DJ On-Demand